Production 1: Light a Film Set

A mini filmmaking guide covering the main elements of using lighting effect
A mini filmmaking guide covering the main elements of using lighting effect




Short (1-4 activities)


England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

This resource introduces young people to the production stage of film production. It provides an overview of how to set up your lighting in accordance with professional practice as well as tips on creating home made lighting solutions and making the most of natural light sources. The guide is recommended for young people aged 13 to 19 for them to engage with filmmaking directly and without the support of an adult. This resource forms part of a collection of mini filmmaking guides for young people covering the key aspects of the five stages of film production.

Mae'r adnodd yma'n cyflwyno bobl ifanc i'r elfen gynhyrchu o greu ffilm. Mae'n darparu trosolwg o sut i osod goleuo yn unol ag arferion proffesiynol yn ogystal ag awgrymiadau ar sut i ddatrus problemau goleuo a defnyddio'r mwyaf o olau naturiol. Awgrymir defnyddio'r canllaw yma gyda phobl ifanc rhwng 13 a 19 oed i'w hymgysylltu â chreu ffilmiau uniongyrchol a heb gymorth oedolyn. Mae'r adnodd hwn yn rhan o gasgliad o ganllawiau ffilmio Cymraeg ar gyfer pobl ifanc, sy'n edrych ar bump cam allweddol o gynhyrchu ffilm, sy'n plethu elfennau o'r Fframwaith Cymhwysedd Digidol a'r Fframwaith Llythrennedd a Rhifedd Cenedlaethol Cymru.

This resource includes


Cynhyrchu 1: Goleuo set ffilm

Cynhyrchu 1: Goleuo set ffilm

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Production- Light a film set

A mini filmmaking guide covering the main elements of using lighting effect

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Production 1 - Your Lights

Tips on creating homemade lighting solutions & using natural light sources.

Duration: 3:36 mins

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Moving Image Arts

Media Studies

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