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Welsh Language Charter and Into Film

(Fersiwn Gymraeg/ Welsh Version)

The simple aim of the language Charter is to increase the children's social use of Welsh and inspire our children and young people to use their Welsh in all aspects of their lives.The simple aim of the Language Charter is to increase the children's use of Welsh and to inspire our children and young people to thier Welsh Language in all aspect of their lives.

Into Film Cymru is very supportive of this initiative and eager to support schools that venture on their journey to "reaching the summit".

Measuring progress is necessary in implementing the language charter, and a movie is a great tool to help you gather this evidence.

The aim of this page is to provide you an anecdote about all the resources that Into Film has to help you promote the use of the language.

Creating a film - in creating a film you will give students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, develop their confidence to speak Welsh and learn new terminology.

Use our Filmmaking guides - whether you are filming presentations in the classroom, project compilation, videos of activities, documentaries, interviews or drama. Examples of how schools have created different films can be found here; among them you'll find short films about what the Language Charter itself.

Movie review - creating a film review that provides children and young people's platform to use their written ability and talk in a new format or style.

It's our review resources here to help you develop these skills in a classroom environment, through group or individual work.

Celebrating Wales on Film - What better way is there to celebrate and raise awareness of our country's history, landscape, legends, nature, culture and heritage than using our Wales on film resource! You can also research the talent of Welsh in the film industry!

Movies about Wales / In Welsh

Sit in a dark room and escape to the world of the film through the medium of Welsh. Check out the selection of our catalouge here

Several films have been created in recent years, Into Film Cymru schools have produced a number of films over the past few years. Click here to watch a few and get inspiration.

For more information, please contact Cardiff@intofilm.org


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Updating our resources

We have developed a large catalogue of educational resources since launching in 2013, and some references and terminology will inevitably have dated as society and language evolves. We are aware of this and will be updating resources when our production schedule allows.

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