Chasing Ice: 11-16 Geography

Chasing Ice - Doc Academy
Chasing Ice - Doc Academy




Short (1-4 activities)

This is a four lesson geography resource for ages 11-16 that uses short clips from the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice to explore climate change, with a particular focus on glaciers and glacial retreat. 

Lesson One - What is the Debate Around Climate Change? 

Focuses on the debate around climate change, considering what students already know, what they still need to find out, and why there is such debate over what might happen in the future. 

Learning Objective:

  • To discuss and debate students' ideas about climate change.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 1: Introduction to the Extreme Ice Survey Team and the Media Debate on the Changing Climate  

Lesson Two - What Do Glaciers Tell Us About Climate Change?

Explores how glaciers can be used to reconstruct past climate and how climate has changed naturally in the past. 

Learning Objectives:  

  • To understand that the climate has changed naturally in the past.
  • To understand how we can reconstruct the climate using different methods.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 1: Introduction to the Extreme Ice Survey Team and the Media Debate on the Changing Climate 

Lesson Three - What is Happening to our Glaciers?

Looks specifically at how glaciers and ice sheets around the world are changing. 

Learning Objectives:  

  • To understand how climate change is changing glaciers and ice sheets around the world.
  • To understand how these changes impact us.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 3: Memory of the Landscape 

Lesson Four - What Have We Learnt from Chasing Ice?

Drawing together knowledge from previous lessons, students will now reflect on what they've learnt and what the future might hold for our glaciers. 

Learning Objectives:  

  • To reflect onto the knowledge gained from the Chasing Ice clips and lesson activities.
  • To understand the interconnections between human and physical processes and the impact of this on our environment.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 5: The Deep Connection 

This resource includes

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This Resource Supports

  • English
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science

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