Climate Change

Earth Day 22 April

The opening film for the 2019 Into Film Festival
The opening film for the 2019 Into Film Festival

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues the world faces today, and is a topic being tackled in an increasing number of films, in many varied ways.

The overwhelming majority of scientists agree that rising global temperatures are directly attributable to human activity, and since the industrial revolution mankind has had an unprecedented effect on the environment. Meanwhile, studies show that the severest effects are often felt by those that do least to cause them. Research by Oxfam shows that the world's richest 10% cause 50% of emissions, while those in poverty have a higher chance of experiencing the ill-effects of climate change due to increased exposure and vulnerability.

Though climate change has become an accepted reality, progress in reducing society's carbon footprint has been limited, and instead of being led by Governments and leaders, conversations around climate change and the battle to preserve our environment have fallen on the shoulders of young people.

Arguably more passionate and dedicated than any before them, the new generation have been inspired by Greta Thunberg, the young activist from Sweden who has become a global figure in the fight to get society to act on climate change. With school walkouts and mass protests now a regular occurrence, young people are affected by climate issues directly, as well as in a global sense. Therefore, educating and engaging young people with these issues is of vital importance, and film can be a powerful way to do so.

And while it's easy to focus on the starker realities, film can also remind us that there is much hope for the future, shining a light on the new technologies and inspirational figures leading the charge to make things better, and giving young people the knowledge and impetus to follow in their footsteps. Our collection of resources, films, news articles and blog posts will help you use film to further highlight the topic of climate change in the classroom, exploring curriculum areas including geography, science, PSHE and politics.

We have also curated a special Our Earth programme of films, resources and exclusive bonus content on Into Film+ to initiate crucial environmental conversations in the classroom, both in the lead up to Earth Day (22 April) and throughout the year. The programme can be used with both primary and secondary pupils, and covers a wide range of subjects.

Into Film's Green Commitment

An eco-friendly way of life ensures that we pass the torch to future generations in the most positive and impactful way possible, with a commitment to making smart long-term decisions leading to a better future for all. This is why we established our Green Team in early 2019, which brings together passionate employees of Into Film to discuss how we can be more sustainable, both as individuals and as an organisation. Since its inception, the group has evolved into a space for compassion and creativity, establishing partnerships with other eco-friendly companies, creating monthly blogs, debating films and books that cover green issues, and pursuing other avenues to ensure Into Film's mission always remains green.

We would strongly encourage schools and Into Film Clubs to establish their own Green Team or Eco Committee. If you'd like support, please contact us directly, or head over to Eco Schools for some great ideas to get you started. The Green Team will also be sharing their thoughts and advice on this page each month.

"We are very proud of the many environmentally themed resources Into Film release throughout the year, particularly the recent Our Earth programme on Into Film+, which allows both primary and secondary teachers to discuss the crucial topics of sustainability, climate change and the wellbeing of the planet in their classrooms"
- Into Film Green Team on the Our Earth programme on Into Film+

A massive thank you to the National Lottery who raise £30 million each week for good causes across the UK, including this crucial issue

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