Vin Diesel's Socks assembly




Short (1-4 activities)


England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

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World Intellectual Property Day
26 April

This assembly is for students to consider the impact and ethics of film piracy, the impact of dowloading a film illegally on the creative industries and creative individuals like themselves. This resource has been produced in partnership with The Industry Trust, The Intellectual Property Office and FACT to stimulate debate and discussion on the issue of respect for IP (Intellectual Property) and provide students with information about where to download films legally, recent Creative Content UK (CCUK) initiative, how to protect their own work and opportunities in the Creative Industries, which are protected by intellectual property legislation.

The resource can easily be adapted for use in Media Studies, PSHE, Computing, Citizenship or Law lessons.


This resource includes


Vin Diesel's Socks presentation

Film clips and stimulus questions to debate film copyright and piracy,

Size: 178.96 MB

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Vin Diesel's Socks teachers' notes

Guidance notes to lead the assembly to debate film copyright and piracy.

Size: 2.60 MB

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This Resource Supports

  • Careers
  • Citizenship
  • Design and Technology
  • Digital
  • Information Computing Technology
  • Law
  • Moving Image Arts
  • PSHE Education

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