Respect for IP

Be the Hero - green screen
Be the Hero - green screen

We support the collective efforts of the industry and UK government to raise awareness of issues relating to copyright infringement and the impact it has on film and to achieve this we are proud to be partnering with Cinema First, the Industry Trust for Intellectual Property (IP) AwarenessIntellectual Property Office, and FACT.

Copyright sits at the foundation of all film production, it gives creators confidence that they own, and will be entitled to manage, the distribution of their works. The internet, for all its benefits, can pose a challenge for copyright holders. We aim to ensure young people value the collective creative efforts that go into making a film by opening up the world of film production to them and giving them opportunities to make their own films whilst empowering them to make positive choices when accessing films online.

Our suite of resources help educate young people to respect the value of IP in three ways.

  • By encouraging them to become creators themselves, thereby understanding the inherent principles of copyright
  • Through our belief that the emotional payback of film - the enjoyment derived from watching - provides a tangible reason to pay
  • By teaching them about the multifaceted nature of the filmmaking process, through projects such as Creating Movie Magic and Green Light to Opening Night.

For information on legally accessing films both at home and in the cinema, visit

For information on copyright and schools visit

For more resources around respect for intellectual property visit

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