Respect for Intellectual Property

See What You Did - Respect for IP

See What You Did

See What You Did is our latest Respect for IP film, made in collaboration with Compulsory and directing duo Dario and Dom, and illustrates the way piracy can devalue both the film watching experience, and impact upon the creatives behind a film, be they major studios or independent young filmmakers.

Meet the Malwares

The number one way that malware and viruses get onto your devices is through visiting sites that offer pirated content. And since many adults fall prey to these nasty tricks, it's no surprise that young people are potentially even more at risk. Our Meet the Malwares short film is an important educational tool to share with young people. It is designed to help teach young people to stay safe online and develop their awareness and knowledge of malware and the associated dangers, highlighting the impact that content piracy and viruses have on the creative industries.

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