Democracy is a concept that many young people will become increasingly aware of and exposed to as they develop, particularly with such high profile democratic processes such as the Scottish 'IndyRef' and European Union/Brexit referendums making such a huge impact in recent years, not to mention the upcoming General Election on 8 June 2017.

While democracy and politics can often seem like a daunting subject to delve into, watching a film that tackles these issues and discussing them afterwards can be an excellent way of provoking debate, whether in a formal or informal setting. Films about democracy can introduce younger viewers to the ideas of equality, fairness and making a difference, whilst older viewers can deepen their understanding of politics, leadership, the world we live in and the significance of individuals and historical events.

It's our belief that film can help inspire the next generation to take a more active role in democracy, whether at school, during elections, or in other aspects of life, and that this engagement in and understanding of democratic processes is of increasingly vital importance in the modern world.

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