Democracy is a concept that many young people will become increasingly aware of and exposed to as they develop, particularly with such high profile democratic processes such as the Scottish 'IndyRef' and European Union/Brexit referendums making such a huge impact in recent years.

While democracy and politics can often seem like a daunting subject to delve into, watching a film that tackles these issues and discussing them afterwards can be an excellent way of provoking debate, whether in a formal or informal setting. Films about democracy can introduce younger viewers to the ideas of equality, fairness and making a difference, whilst older viewers can deepen their understanding of politics, leadership, the world we live in and the significance of individuals and historical events.

It's our belief that film can help inspire the next generation to take a more active role in democracy, whether at school, during elections, or in other aspects of life, and with Parliament Week taking place between 14 - 20 November - coinciding with our own Into Film Festival- November is the perfect time to introduce discourse around democracy into your film club or classroom.

You may even be interested in inviting your local MP or a member of the House of Lords to attend your club, or any Parliament Week screenings you may be scheduling, either to speak, or simply as a guest. Feedback from previous Parliament Week events has shown that young people really like having the opportunity to talk with MPs or Lords - they may even surprise you with their knowledge of Parliament and democracy! You can find your local MP here.

Find out more about Parliament Week here:

And find all of our Into Film Festival Parliament Week screenings here:

We'd also like to encourage schools to tweet their local MP and let them know what related film they are watching using #DemocracyInFilm or the official Parliament Week hashtag, #UKPW16. If you would like any further advice about how to approach an MP or Peer, please email, and - if you confirm a visit - please let your Into Film programme coordinator know, as they can come and help facilitate an event, general discussion ideas, and we will also let local press know.

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