Why aren't all films available on Into Film+?

Unfortunately we do not hold the streaming rights for every title on the Into Film catalogue, although we do add more films to Into Film+ on a regular basis.

How do you chose which films go on Into Film+?

Working with industry partners, the titles on the Into Film+ platform have been carefully curated to be representative of the wide range of our programme, and the diversity of our audiences across the UK.

Taking our curation policy as a framework, the selected films include some of our most historically popular titles, enticing new releases, exclusive content, films to enrich areas of curriculum learning, and those that encourage children and young people to look at the world with a wider perspective and a developed sense of empathy.

As always, we seek to balance familiar mainstream blockbusters with more specialised content, encouraging young audiences to seek out a wider range of material whilst also deepening their knowledge of the more familiar.

We are excited to grow the catalogue further, offering up a wider range of titles from across the broad spectrum of film history, whilst always maintaining our unique focus on curation for schools, children & young people.

Where can I see all films available to stream?

Use the link below to browse our ever-growing catalogue of streaming titles, including both short films and full-length feature films.

Why can't I access Into Film+ Premium films?

Into Film+ Premium is currently only available to state schools in England. This is because the Into Film+ Premium service is funded by the Department for Education, and as such, only DfE-funded schools can access it.

Into Film is interested in talking to the education authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with a view to agreeing a similar funding arrangement that would enable schools under their jurisdictions to access the Premium service.

Can I order DVDs?

Unfortunately not. Given the popularity of the Into Film+ streaming service, our DVD service was retired in early 2022. This allows us to focus even more on our streaming service, and has helped us to reduce the carbon footprint associated with warehouse storage and the sending and receiving of DVDs.

Do I need an Into Film Club to use Into Film+?

No, you don't need an Into Film Club to stream films on Into Film+. You will need an Into Film Account, and your organisation must hold a valid Public Video Screening (PVS) Licence. 

Note: If you're a state-school in England, then your organisation already has a PVS Licence provided to you by the Department for Education.

While you don't need one to use Into Film+, the Into Film Club experience brings additional benefits, including the ability to invite young people to become club members where they can access a special area of the website, specific tools and resources, post film reviews and enter our ongoing Review 500 competition, and suggest films they'd like you to stream.

Why do I not have permission to stream certain titles?

It is possible that certain titles may have additional restrictions placed on them based on your organisation type.

Please also note that if you are based outside of the UK, you will not be able to stream films on Into Film+.