The Book of Life

The Book of Life
The Book of Life




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A mythical, magical tale from Mexico, The Book of Life is a story of love, loss and family expectation produced by one of Mexico's best known filmmakers, Guillermo del Toro. Hidden in a secret museum exhibition is a book containing all the stories in the history of the Mexican people. A mysterious tour guide decides to share one of the stories with a group of students visiting the museum, that of Manolo, Joaquin and Maria. Childhood friends, Manolo and Joaquin both fall for Maria and when she's sent away to school, vow to win her hand in marriage on her return. Watching the action unfold from the realms of the Dead are La Muerte, the Guardian of the Land of the Remembered, a vibrant world full of happy spirits, and the mischievous Xibalba, Guardian of the Land of the Forgotten, a grey and miserable place. Taking the children's lives into their hands, the Guardians make a bet on which boy will succeed in marrying Maria - that's if she wants to get married to anyone! A fun adventure steeped in folklore, exquisitely animated, this roller coaster of the imagination will have your feet tapping and your heart thumping as you cheer for your favourite and fight the urge to sing along!

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U Classification

Mild fantasy violence, brief scary scenes.

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