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La La Land

La La Land
La La Land

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128 minutes


Musicals, Romance


English (English subtitles)


Sebastian and Mia are two hopefuls of many within the city of Los Angeles, chasing their respective dreams under the bright lights of Hollywood. He, a musician, longs to own a jazz bar, whilst she has aspirations of becoming a renowned actress, though both work uninspiring jobs while attempting to turn desire into reality. After several encounters, they soon embark upon a whirlwind romance which seems to bring about a change in fortunes for the couple. However, success brings its own complications, and each must decide what it is they need to be truly happy. La La Land is an unashamedly sentimental musical, referencing the Golden Age of Hollywood, with superb chemistry between its two leads.

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La La Land


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12 Classification

Infrequent strong language.

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La La Land


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