Review Writing Competition: International Music Day

11 May 2017

3 mins
A resource to support pupils to work with film soundtracks as stimulus for
A resource to support pupils to work with film soundtracks as stimulus for

To help celebrate International Music Day on 21 June, our latest review writing competition asks young people to review films that are either about music, or that boast particularly iconic or innovative uses of music in their soundtracks or scores. We're also hosting a series of International Music Day screenings across the UK on the day itself to help inspire you.

How To Enter

This competition is open to both Primary and Secondary pupils, aged 7-14, across Key Stage 2 and 3 (or equivalent). We want to hear what young people across the UK think of the many vibrant films set in and around the world of music, and how they respond to films that feature some of the most iconic uses of music in cinema history.

Entering couldn't be easier - just head over to, log in to your member account, and then leave your review on the appropriate film page. All reviews which meet the criteria below will automatically be entered into the competition. Only reviews of the films listed below will be considered.

The Primary category is aimed at young people aged between 7-11, and the Secondary category is aimed at young people aged 11-14. One winner from each age group will be selected. Please note that young people can review films from either list, provided they are of a suitable age for that film's certificate. Reviews can be of any length.

If you are the leader of a film club and would like to know how to set up member accounts for your pupils so they can submit reviews, take a look at this video or contact your Into Film Team Member.

Alternatively, you can post your reviews to us, but be sure to note your school/college name and the details of a person to contact within the school/college along with your review. Physical entries should be sent to:

Damaso House
31 Islington Green

London N1 8DU

Eligible Films



Competition Details

International Music Day is on 21 June, but the competition is open now, so that clubs have plenty of time to submit their reviews. The closing date for entries is 6 July 2017.

The two winners - one Primary and one Secondary - will each be rewarded with a music and film-themed goodie bag, including DVDs, soundtracks, stationary and Amazon vouchers. Two runners-up from each category will be awarded a DVD of their choice from the above films.

Any reviews of the relevant films that are submitted before 6 July 2017 will be considered for the competition. If you have previously submitted a review for one of the films prior to this date, and would like that review to be considered for this competition, please contact your Into Film Team Member, who will gladly assist you with this.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

If you would like your students to enter the competition but don't have a club, they are free for state funded school and non-school settings, and are quick and easy to set up, providing a flexible model that can be tailored to the social and academic needs of particular pupils, and/or school or youth settings.

Why Review?

Review writing is an integral part of being into film, and it's something that we always try to encourage our members to get involved with. To help make your reviews even better, you can use our Creating Effective Film Reviews resources, which contain step-by-step guides, activities and workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations to help you create ever-more effective film reviews.

These resources offer fun and flexible approaches to film reviewing, and are designed for film club sessions or classroom use. They will provide tips that work with any film and can be easily adapted to suit different ability groups.

Need more help with reviews?

In the video below, Guardian and Financial Times writer and Film 2016 critic Danny Leigh gives us his Top 5 Reviewing Tips.

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