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Ron's Gone Wrong

Ron's Gone Wrong
Ron's Gone Wrong




107 minutes


Animation, Comedy, Family, Science Fiction and Fantasy



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The latest craze in toy technology, the Bubble Bot – AKA the B*Bot – allows the owner to have a customisable robot best friend. Everyone in school has a B*Bot, which can be designed in any way the owner likes. Everyone that is, except Barney, a loner kid who lives with his inventor dad Graham and eccentric Bulgarian grandma Donka after the death of his mother. Barney is desperate for a B*Bot too, but his father can’t really afford to buy one given how expensive they are. Sensing his son’s disappointment with his original birthday present, dad Graham stumbles upon a faulty model and swipes it for Barney who is thrilled. Barney soon realises, however, that his B*Bot isn’t quite the same as all the others. It doesn’t have any safety settings for one thing and seems to have a mind of its own. So when news of the unusual device goes viral, Barney and his B*Bot, Ron, must evade the authorities while each learning new things about friendship along the way. 

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mild rude humour, threat, bullying

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