British film composer Alex Heffes visits Morpeth School, London

18 Dec 2014

3 mins
Alex Heffes visits Morpeth School, London
Alex Heffes visits Morpeth School, London

Noted British film composer Alex Heffes visited Morpeth School in East London to talk to children and young people as part of our Meet the Industry project, in association with BAFTA.

Alex Heffes has scored a number of films, including everything from mountaineering documentary Touching the Void, to recent Nelson Mandela biopic Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. Heffes' wealth of experience made him a superb inspiration for the children and young people of East London.

To get direct experience is priceless, really, especially from someone of his caliber. I think we need more visits like this.

Sravudh, student at Morpeth School

Talking to pupils about his experience in the film industry, Heffes offered up plenty of advice for those with an interest in composing music, and also for those looking to get involved in the film industry in general. 

Heffes was keen to participate in the program, having been inspired by a similar event when he was a child. "When I was 12, I sat in the audience and we had someone from the BBC come and talk to me about film and I still remember it."

Hearing first-hand from people steeped in the film industry is a priceless opportunity for children and young people who might look to film as a potential career path, and the children of Morpeth School took advantage of the opportunity emphatically. One pupil, Sravudh, was particularly inspired. "Alex was a creative person who wanted to make music, and I find him quite inspiring as he has quite a lot of faith in our generation. He gave us great advice as well."

I enjoyed it very much, the students had really good questions and they said some very articulate things. It gives me a real sense of connecting.

Alex Heffes, film composer

We were delighted to have Alex Heffes participate in our Meet The Industry project, joining the likes of post-production expert Verity Wislocki, who also recently offered potentially life-changing inspiration to children and young people.

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