BFI Education Launch a Free Filmmaking Course

17 Oct 2022

3 mins
BFI Education FutureLearn Course - How to Make a Short Film
BFI Education FutureLearn Course - How to Make a Short Film

Developed by the BFI, in partnership with Tom Barrance at, How to Make a Short Film is a four-week course available for free to all learners on FutureLearn. It offers a fantastic opportunity to get practical filmmaking advice and learn more about the filmmaking process.

Film is the ideal medium for telling stories, communicating ideas, and entertaining friends and family, so why leave it to the professionals? Each week, a detailed step-by-step guide will help develop your skills and enhance your understanding of the medium. Starting with the significance of a single shot, you will find out how films tell stories, consider how to show movement, and use sound. You will also discover how to script and storyboard, organise a shoot, choose what to film, and plan and polish your work in the editing process.

You will learn by interrogating a wide range of British films, including work from the BFI Film Academy, titles from the BFI National Archive, and videos specially created by course leader Tom Barrance of This course is for anyone with a passion for film and filmmaking, but of special interest to film and media teachers and their students.

Visit FutureLearn to sign up for the course today, and check out the trailer below to get a sense of what the course will offer.

How to Make a Short Film Course Trailer

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