Mark COP27 with our new Climate Change resource

11 Nov 2022

5 mins
The World in our Hands
The World in our Hands

The 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties or 'COP27' is currently taking place in the city of Sharm-el-Sheik in Egypt, as nations from around the world come together in an effort to combat climate change.

On hosting the global event, Egyptian president President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has said that his nation "will spare no effort to ensure that COP27 becomes the moment when the world moved from negotiation to implementation and where words were translated to actions, and where we collectively embarked on a path towards sustainability, a just transition and eventually a greener future for coming generations".

Our Generation vs Climate Change

We recently launched our own brand-new learning resource themed around issues of climate change, and which is designed in a way to give young people the opportunity to take action and have their voice heard in the fight to protect our planet. The resource includes a 'take action pack' that encourages young people to apply climate statistics to their own lives, make small adjustments to their daily routines, and to write to the local MPs.

Using the feature-length documentary The People vs. Climate Change as a catalyst, the resource, created in association with Doc Academy and Picture Zero Productions, is suitable for use with learners aged 11-16 and includes themes of global issues, consumption, recycling, green initiatives, net zero, sustainability, and youth voice.

Young learners will explore the four phases in the process of researching, discussing, debating and voting for their own solutions to help the UK reach its net zero goal, be encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions for a more positive future. 

The aim of this learning sequence is that young people should be motivated to put their suggestions into action and be more empowered to discuss and understand climate change issues.

Download this free resource now and bring the timely and vitally important issue of climate change into your classroom.

Or highlight that this resource is designed in such a way that it gives young people the opportunity to discuss and take their own action? Debate is a key factor and the importance of discussing and sharing ideas. We also have a 'take action pack' that encourages young people to apply climate statistics to their own lives, make small swaps and write to their MP etc. so not sure if that's worth getting in if you thought that was appealing?

Further Climate Change resources from Doc Academy

We also have a selection of further Doc Academy resources that explore issues around the environment and sustainability. Our geography resource for ages 11-16 uses short clips from award-winning documentary Chasing Ice to explore climate change, with a particular focus on glaciers and glacial retreat. We also have a suite of English and geography resources that focuses on clips from Thank You for the Rain, a documentary which follows a Kenyan farmer and his family as they battle the harsh realities of climate change.

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