Scientific doc 'Escape From Extinction' leads this week's new releases

16 Sep 2021 in New Releases

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This week sees the release of four new films; two documentaries that approach sustainability and ecological issues from different perspectives, a contemporary London-set romantic tragedy and a sports drama based on a true story, just like all the best sports dramas are. We also have a number of new film guides that have recently been created to support educators when viewing films on our catalogue.

Safety is of course at the forefront of everyone's mind right now so make sure to check out the specific guidelines for your local cinema before visiting. Meanwhile, many cinemas have used lockdown as an opportunity to improve and renovate their venues so that we can all enjoy the best possible cinema experience.

New in cinemas

Escape From Extinction; Eating Our Way to Extinction

These eco-focused documentaries both appearing in cinemas during the same week is a testament to the current popularity of the subject at hand. Firstly, Escape from Extinction is accessible and appealing for young audiences, inspiring them with suggestions of small and big actions one can take to protect animals and the environment. Animal extinction is a global issue occurring on such a large scale that it can often be difficult to imagine its severity but the big screen can emphasise the urgency of the situation. Narrated by Helen Mirren, the film dives into the problem and the great efforts being taken to preserve animal species across all seven continents such as rhinos, koalas and orangutans. Featuring interviews with some of the key leaders in conservation and including rare footage of endangered animals across land and sea, the film brings awareness to this pressing issue

Doubling up in the cinema-as-activism space is the documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction, which reflects on how our eating habits are contributing towards environmental collapse. Cinematically inventive, this purposeful and well-researched documentary visits the Taiwanese mountains, the Mongolian desert, the Norwegian fjords and the Scottish Highlands in the hope of informing the audience on the various actions that can be taken in order to avoid disaster for future generations.

Also new in cinemas

A Brixton Tale; 12 Angry Orphans

For slightly older audiences, A Brixton Tale is a sharply focused drama that explores youth culture and appropriation in contemporary London through the lens of a blossoming romance between two a young Black man and a budding photographer who sees artistic potential in him. However, the relationship between artist and subject becomes increasingly strained as the complexity of social status begin to impact their lives. 

Meanwhile, 12 Mighty Orphans is a sports drama based on the true story of the Mighty Mites, a football team at a Texas orphanage in Forth Worth who, during the Great Depression, end up making it to the state championships. Their story begins when a legendary high school coach with a mysterious past arrives at the orphanage and begins to use innovative tactics to take on the stronger and bigger teams, inspiring a story which revels in being proud of where you come from.

New film guides

County Lines; Raya and the Last Dragon; Limbo

We have also been hard at work producing film guides for your clubs and classrooms that support educators who are viewing films on our catalogue and in the upcoming Into Film Festival.

County Lines is a British realist film which follows a teenager as he is drawn into the shady underworld of drug trafficking in a desperate attempt to escape poverty. Our film guide is useful for teaching students about recognising exploitation and knowing where to turn in order to report vital information that could help in combating the ill-treatment of underprivileged children.

Raya and the Last Dragon is a new fantasy animation from Disney that tells the story of a young warrior who must track down a mythical dragon in order to save her kingdom. This film guide contains fun discussion points for young audiences on subjects such as dragons and adventure whilst also digging into the character motivations in the film related to family and friendship.

Lastly, Limbo is unique comedy about a group of refugees who have been moved to a remote Scottish highland whilst they wait to hear about their immigration status being updated. This film guide is useful for introducing students to complex issues around refugees and cultural identity through the lens of a wildly entertaining and accessible film.

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