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15 Apr 2019

3 mins
Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin

Last year we worked with the Film Distributors Association (FDA) to create an informative, educational poster that was sent to a number of active Primary Into Film Clubs. Using the 3Cs and 3Ss - the cornerstone of Into Film's methodology for teaching through film - we helped pupils understand the power of film images and the logic behind a film's promotional materials.

Following on from this, we ran a 'Wild and Wacky Adventures' poster competition, asking young pupils to design a film poster of their own, based on a list of upcoming titles provided by the FDA. We received some beautiful entries, but eventually had to select just one as the winner.

Congratulations to Emma, aged 11, from Kenton in London, whose design for a poster for Disney's Christopher Robin was selected as the winner. Emma's poster shows an understanding of the key needs of a film poster - referencing the star, the studio, the title, and the release date - and her artwork is both colourful and clear. There's even an element of plot to the design, as an unworn hat sits among Pooh, Piglet and friends, teasing Christopher Robin's imminent return to the life of his beloved characters. Emma has won a special effects filmmaking workshop for her whole class!

Christopher Robin, by Emma, aged 11, Kenton
By Emma, aged 11, Kenton

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