How the Into Film Festival benefits schools in disadvantaged areas

19 Sep 2016

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Into Film Festival Case Study
Into Film Festival Case Study

The Into Film Festival gives young people across the UK the chance to experience the cinema with friends and teachers, resulting in a unique learning environment to approach a variety of subjects. One school that has benefited from attending the world's biggest youth film festival is Broadway Junior School, Sunderland. We caught up with teacher Margarita Acklam, who spoke about the Festival's effect on her pupils.

"The Into Film Festival is firmly established as one of the highlights of the autumn term as it affords every child in our school (currently 250) the wonderful opportunity to visit one of the area's cinemas and watch a carefully selected film on the big screen.

Working in an area of social disadvantage, visiting the cinema is not a regular occurrence. In fact, for the majority of our children this annual event is the only time they are able to go. Our educational budget is limited so the fact the screenings are free is particularly welcome." 

Utlising the curriculum links, Resources and Film Guides that accompany each screening at the Festival, Margarita engages her pupils with titles that resonate with them directly.

"The Festival is loved by children and staff alike and the films themselves provide an unparalleled catalyst for planning a plethora of exciting tasks, activities and learning opportunities across all subjects. In recent years Diary of a Wimpy KidThe LEGO MovieCinderella and Penguins of Madagascar have inspired the children to write, read, paint, model, draw and learn more about the world in which they live. The links to resources and suggestions for follow up work are excellent - for example the resources accompanying the screening of The LEGO Movie were used by Year 6 as the basis for a fortnight's cross-curricular work during which the children produced work well above their usual standard."

With many screenings booking up quickly, Broadway Junior School carefully plan what they would like to attend, making the most of the opportunity to learn through film.

"We had the date fixed in our diary for when bookings opened and look forward to again being spoilt for choice by the wide selection of films on offer, most of which our pupils would not otherwise have the chance to see."

Hopefully all schools across the country will take full advantage of the Into Film Festival and appreciate how exciting film can be as a stimulus for exciting, creative and very successful teaching and learning.

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