'Jurassic World: Dominion' leads June’s New Cinema Releases

07 Jun 2022 in New Releases

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The arrival of summer brings with it highly anticipated cinematic experiences and timely stories to inspire young audiences across the country. The Jurassic dinosaurs are back, closer to home and more striking than ever before, while the young astronaut Buzz really does go to infinity and beyond. Recent Ukrainian history is explored through the eyes of a teenage gymnast, while the life of the King of rock and roll is celebrated in a new swooping biopic.

Olga - in cinemas 3 June

Following recent events in Ukraine, this coming of age drama arrives in UK cinemas at a poignant time, with its release also expected to raise money for Ukrainian refugees. Set in 2013 during the Maidan Revolution, the story follows Olga, played by real-life Ukrainian gymnast Anastasia Budiashkina. When Olga is exiled in Switzerland for her own safety, she starts training with a new gymnastics team. But as the pressure mounts for her athletic success, so does the civil unrest on the streets of Kiev, which Olga follows remotely through video footage and phone calls to her loved ones back home, feeling increasingly torn between her individual and collective sense of duty.

Jurassic World: Dominion - in cinemas 10 June

The final chapter of the Jurassic World series is set to be the ultimate showdown between man and dinosaur and also sees the return, for the first time, of the original cast members of Jurassic Park. Following the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in which the infamous dinosaurs of Isla Nublar are unleashed onto the mainland, the story picks up in a modern-day neo-Jurassic Age, in which dinosaurs and humans attempt to coexist all over the world. Former Jurassic World employees Claire and Owen along with the young Maisie try and stop the exploitation of the displaced creatures that they have grown to respect, while a dinosaur even scarier than T-Rex wreaks havoc on the world's human population: the Giganotosaurus.

Lightyear- in cinemas 17June

This intergalactic adventure dives into the origin story of astronaut Buzz Lightyear, whose toy action figure was brought to life in the world's first entirely computer-animated feature film, Toy Story. Buzz is part of a space crew marooned for over a year on an alien planet, millions of light-years from Earth. The commander sends Buzz and a trusty cat robot sidekick on mission to find a way back home and save them all. But as they travel through space and time, they are hurled into danger and only with the help of some unlikely new recruits can they defeat the sci-fi menace. In glorious Pixar animated detail, it is the action-adventure the toy Buzz always dreamed of.

Elvis - in cinemas 24 June

From the acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann comes an extravagant musical biopic which stylishly explores a cultural icon who defined rock'n'roll: Elvis Presly. Spanning over 20 years, the film explores his music career and life, charting his ascension to fame through to his unprecedented stardom in the 1960s and beyond focusing on Elvis' tumultuous relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Told from Parker's perspective, the former circus promoter reminisces on his deathbed about his long relationship with the music icon. Set across an evolving cultural landscape in the US, the film also explores Elvis' personal life including his relationship with Priscilla and the battle to overcome his demons off the stage.

More films released in June

All My Friends Hate Me - in cinemas 10 June

Social anxiety meets dark humour in this British comedy horror, which sees a birthday weekend with old friends turn horribly wrong: the well-meaning Pete becomes increasignly paranoid as one by one, his friends slowly turn against him.

The Lost Girls - in cinemas 17 June

The legacy of Peter Pan's determination not to grow up lives on, as does his hold on generations of Darling women, who one after the other find themselves enchanted and torn between the promises of Neverland and their real families and responsibilities.

Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest - in cinemas 24 June

A warm and nostalgic Danish documentary which follows a man and his dedicated group of friends as he trains to break a record by attempting to play 100 consecutive hours of a 1980's arcade game. A portrait of friendship and unsung heroes.

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