'Time 2 Talk' is our latest of Film of the Month

01 Aug 2023 in Film of the Month

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'Time 2 Talk' is our latest of Film of the Month

We are delighted to announce our latest Film of the Month winner Time 2 Talk, tackling the important issue of online safety, from students at Burnham Market Primary School. Plus a special mention to The Sad Little Leaf from Lacey, age 6, in London.

Time 2 Talk (engaging for ages 5+) explores the important topic of online safety. Using a combination of film, documentary and animation, students demonstrate three simple ways of staying safe online: Tell - Block - Report.

This film has a really strong message, and I loved the creative use of props and set design!

Film of the Month Judge on 'Time 2 Talk'

We caught up with the students and staff from Burnham Market Primary School to find out more about their film.

What motivated you to tackle the important topic of online safety?

We wanted to make a film about e-safety to try and teach the younger children about how to stay safe online. Plus we wanted to enter the Childnet film competition (which we won). We wanted to make something to show that little schools can do just as well as big city schools.

This film was a collaborative effort. What was it like working as a team, and what lessons did you learn on your filmmaking journey?

It was our first film we made as a class and we really enjoyed making something so big! There was a lot of planning and making props, which we had to build separately but with the same end goal. When planning, we learnt all about camera angles, editing and animation, which was really fun.

The judges really enjoyed the practical effects and props used in the film? Why did you choose this style?

We made the animations in stop motion as we didn't have computer graphics but wanted animations in the films. When making the props, we made the different parts for the animations, so they would all match, which added to the style of the film.

We really liked making the asteroids and YouTube sections. I think the animations made our film stand out as it shows it took longer to make and a new idea to something quite hard to explain.

How do you hope Time 2 Talk will impact your viewers?

We hope that we got across our e-safety message of Stop-Block-Tell, it worked in our school anyway!

What advice do you have for other young filmmakers who want to use their films to tackle important issues?

Work hard on your film. It takes a long time to make a good film but the longer it takes to make it, the better it's likely to be.

This film from students at Burnham  Market Primary School will now be showcased to over 300,000 film club members online and all of our Film of the Month films are now on the Into Film YouTube channel, they have also secured a £100 Amazon voucher to help further develop their filmmaking. Think you could win Film of the Month? Find out more about how you can enter our ongoing Film of the Month competition.

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Special Mention

Each month we highlight one runner up that we think deserves special recognition for their filmmaking achievement. This month we are excited to feature The Sad Little Leaf, a poignant tale about a leaf that misses their friends, from Lacey, aged 6, in London.

A moving story given life through a rich animation style.

Film of the Month Judge on 'The Sad Little Leaf'

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