Introduction to Mini Filmmaking Guides

Secondary students making a film.
Secondary students making a film.


All ages


Short (1-4 activities)


England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

The mini filmmaking guides explain professional filmmaking techniques and provide tips to help you apply them yourself. There are also practical tasks to help you practice the techniques and further develop your understanding of filmmaking. 

If you want to work through the film production process in order, you can read the guides from beginning to end. Alternatively, if you already have some knowledge, just select the mini guides you need to fill any gaps in your understanding.

If you have never tried filmmaking before you may want to begin with the Master the Camera mini guide which explains how films are constructed. Starting here will give you a better understanding of the entire five stage filmmaking process. This introduction also includes information on equipment and copyright.

Due to the nature of the filmmaking process, a lot of the information in the mini guides overlaps. If you are unsure about any filmmaking terms or techniques, you can refer to the mini guide that covers this specifically. 

Mae'r canllawiau byr creu ffilm yn esbonio'r technegau proffesiynol a ddefnyddwyd yn yr diwydiant ac yn darparu awgrymiadau i'ch helpu i greu eich hymdrechion eu hunain. Mae yna hefyd tasgau ymarferol i'ch helpu chi i ymarfer y technegau a datblygu ymhellach eich dealltwriaeth o'r byd ffilm. Os ydych am weithio drwy'r broses gynhyrchu ffilm mewn trefn, gallwch ddarllen y canllawiau o'r dechrau i'r diwedd. Fel arall, os oes gennych rywfaint o wybodaeth yn barod, dewiswch y ddogfen perthnasol i  unrhyw fylchau yn eich dealltwriaeth. Mae'r adnoddau yma'n plethu mewn nifer o elfennau o'r cwricwlwm Cymraeg a Fframwaith Cymhwysedd Digidol Cymru.

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We have developed a large catalogue of educational resources since launching in 2013, and some references and terminology will inevitably have dated as society and language evolves. We are aware of this and will be updating resources when our production schedule allows.

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