Bias Busters

A collection of Bias Busters resources to support the celebration of Integr
A collection of Bias Busters resources to support the celebration of Integr




Medium (5-11 activities)

In March 2024, pupils in Integrated Education schools across Northern Ireland (NI) will celebrate Integrated Education Month with the theme of Bias Busters.

We have created a Bias Busters support pack to help primary and post-primary educators and learners explore, break down, and learn how to overcome biases using film and games. The pack consists of three resources:

  • Bias Busters – Containing a range of fun and engaging classroom activities for educators to choose from, this resource will help kick-start bias-busting with learners. The curated offer includes free printed resources, pupil-facing workshops and teacher training as part of the Into Film NI offer.
  • Film Buff Challenge: Bias Busters – Developed for Integrated Education Month 2024, our Film Buff Challenge: Bias Busters activity offers educators a curated film list, each exploring a different bias theme. This is a great activity to kick start difficult conversations with your Bias Busters, it even contains a fully supported film review writing activity.
  • Film Buff Challenge: Bias Busters Menu – A pupil-facing resource designed to support learners watching the curated Film Buff Challenge films. The menu includes a review writing activity with supportive prompts. 

If you are a teacher in an Integrated Education school and would like to know more about our free printed resources and workshops, get in touch at

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Updating our resources

We have developed a large catalogue of educational resources since launching in 2013, and some references and terminology will inevitably have dated as society and language evolves. We are aware of this and will be updating resources when our production schedule allows.

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