Wellbeing: Staying Safe Online

Develop confidence in tackling online safety using film and filmmaking.

Wellbeing: Staying Safe Online

Did you know that almost one in four 4-11 year-olds and three in four 12-15 year-olds has a social media profile*? Created in association with Childnet International, our Wellbeing: Staying Safe Online training will introduce you to the importance of cyber-safety for an online generation. 

You will take part in a range of active film watching and practical filmmaking tasks which can be used to support discussion on themes, issues and questions about ways to stay safe online.

This vital topic will be explored through short and feature film texts, analysing appropriate behaviours and actions of characters, as well as investigating real life contexts such as questioning what information we choose to share online versus in the real world.

The session is a part of Into Film's Wellbeing Training, which also includes Mindfulness on Film and Anti-Bullying. Film is a powerful tool for developing empathy, exploring impact and discussing difficult issues faced by the character all at a level removed from issues that a pupil may be facing themselves.

* Ofcom (2017) Children and parents: media use and attitudes report

The knowledge and expertise shared is excellent. Resources are thoroughly well planned and pitched perfectly for young people.

David Richardson, Assistant Headteacher, Kingdown School, Wiltshire

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