Wellbeing: Mindfulness through Film

Learn multiple mindfulness exercises, via highlights from feature and youth-made films, culminating in a light-touch filmmaking task. ​

Wellbeing: Mindfulness through Film

More children every day are struggling to cope with mental health issues, so in response to the rising rates of depression and anxiety in young people, we've developed Mindfulness on Film training, in conjunction with the Mental Health Foundation.

During the session, you will be guided through multiple mindfulness exercises, via a collection of clips from feature and youth-made films, culminating in a light-touch filmmaking task.

You will gain confidence in understanding how to use film to support young people approaching challenging circumstances, such as exams and transition. Practical film-related activities using feature films include consequences wheels and sound on/vision off.

The session is a part of Into Film's Wellbeing Training, which also includes Staying Safe Online and Anti-Bullying. Film is a powerful tool for developing empathy, exploring impact and discussing difficult issues faced by the character all at a level removed from issues that a pupil may be facing themselves.

The knowledge and expertise shared is excellent. Resources are thoroughly well planned and pitched perfectly for young people.

David Richardson, Assistant Headteacher, Kingdown School, Wiltshire

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