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A proven way to reinvigorate your film club or take your sessions in a new direction is to customise your film club or give it a specific theme or approach. Running a customised film club allows you greater focus, and helps you better target your aims, objectives and film club activities for the specific needs and contexts of your club members. 

By selecting your film club's specific area of focus, we provide you with tailored resources, film lists and access to training activities, allowing you and your club members to delve far deeper into one particular area and meet your film club's specific needs.

We understand that not all film clubs are alike, and so this allows you to run your film club, your way.

Your project is right up our street because we have a strong drive towards literacy (both reading and writing). Also, the fact that these are short films might allow us to include some review-writing in the same session. And finally, your project is not time-consuming! That is very important. All good!

Mario, Leader of a literacy-focused film club at Honilands Primary School, Enfield

In the respective pages below, you will find resources, film lists and other content related to each approach to help bolster your film club's work, and provide everything you need to run a film club centred around these areas of focus.

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