Our members attend a special screening of Johnny English Strikes Again

05 Oct 2018

6 mins
Johnny English Strikes Again
Johnny English Strikes Again

On Wednesday 3 October, eight Into Film YAC members and Young Reporters were lucky enough to attend a special preview screening of Johnny English Strikes Again, with an introduction by director David Kerr, along with the film's producers and stars Rowan Atkinson and Olga Kurylenko.

It was a unique and exciting night at the Curzon Mayfair, and above all else, it allowed our Into Film members to flex their review writing muscles! Read on for some of their great insights into the new comedy and the night in general.

Ruby (12) YAC Member

My experience at the movie premier was truly magical, not only was it a movie starring Rowan Atkinson, it was a red carpeted event! To see the vultures of camera men and the glare of the cameras plus the glitz and glamor of it all was astonishing and unexpected and hearing the cheers and cries of the crowds caught me entirely by surprise. It was heart-warming to see peoples' dedication to their actors and the ever so amusing job of the security officials trying to hold them back and keeping all lines clear. Good job to them all. 

Jake (16) Young Reporter

Before the display of the latest ‘Johnny English', the primary catalysts in the film's construction were commended, seasoned with witty British humour, and a sprinkle of comradery. The stage was set; hopes were high; and as expected, failed to disappoint. To summarise my viewing, I found the film vibrant, hysterical, tactical, and politically correct: a faultless cuisine of allusions to British society. An abundant example would be the implementation of virtual reality and a female prime minister, played by Emma Thompson, which was particularly satirical. Overall, it would be ill-advised to avoid such a master-piece that is so relevant to the vigorous and multinational Britain that is becoming of age in this epoch of film. 

Uri (14) Young Reporter 

The lights dimmed and the film began. Every minute or two the audience were bursting out with laughter and there were some parts where me and my brother were basically screaming because of how funny it was. A couple of people looked at us weirdly but it was worth the strange looks! Overall the event was more than what I could have hoped for. I Shook hands with Rowan Atkinson got a picture with the director and also got a cheeky picture with Olly Murs. As a young reporter who does see a lot of films and interviews a lot of cast, this was one of my favourite events. Not only did I meet an awesome group of people but the overall vibe of the event was crazy. Everyone was buzzing.

Daisy (14) YAC Member

Today was a good movie, It was really funny. It made me laugh and my mum laughed as well. The story is about two men including the star of the show... Johnny English and his sidekick go undercover to find out what a mean Internet Billionaire is up to and is making deals with the prime minister he can't keep. I like going to the cinema because it's an amazing atmosphere if you see films in the bigger picture. And I also when I watch a film I tend to rate and say to my parents what I thought.

Alyssia (11) YAC Member 

Comedy, action, mystery, a frantic car chase, a beautiful Russian spy… what's not to like in this side-splitting spoof of a spy film? I loved the thrilling theme tune at the beginning which meant I couldn't wait to watch the film. As always, Rowan Atkinson's facial expressions were comical and simply priceless. I really enjoyed the film and some of the scenes had me howling with laughter but I won't give anything away, you need to watch it and find out!

For those feeling inspired by our club members' reviews of the night, there are plenty of ways to get involved in review writing. The Into Film Festival is holding a review writing competition and entries are now open for the Into Film Awards, which includes the Film Reviewer of the Year category. We also run a regular Review of the Week competition through our Into Film Clubs.

Review writing helps to boost young people's critical thinking and writing skills, while giving them a voice.

Adwoa Oforiwa, Resources Manager for Into Film

For teachers, engaging students with review writing and film analysis can have a significant impact on their literacy development. This is particularly so for SEN students where film can often vastly increase their confidence in oral and written communication. Here's some articles and resources to get your students started:

Johnny English Strikes Again is in cinemas now. 

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