Opening up careers in film for young people

18 Oct 2019

5 mins
Opening up careers in film for young people

We were honoured to have director Tom Harper join us at Westminster Academy in London this week to help us highlight our careers activity, which aims to promote jobs in the screen industries and encourage young people across the UK to pursue the many varied career pathways available to them.

To this end, we have a brand new Careers In Film page, which collates all of our resources, news articles, CPD training events, and more. We hope this new section of our website will be useful for teachers, educators and parents to gain a better understanding of career pathways in the film industry, and share this knowledge with the young people they work with. Check out the brand new page below!

Harper, whose new film The Aeronauts recently wowed audiences at the 63rd BFI London Film Festival, spoke to the pupils of Westminster Academy about his own career as a director, and also touched on issues such as respect for IP and how he feels about films being pirated online. Check out the video above to see some highlights from his visit.

In future months, we will be bringing more filmmakers, with varied job roles in different areas of the industry into schools across the UK to help inspire young people and demonstrate to them that the film industry is not just actors and directors, but is made up of countless different jobs, which require a myriad of different skills.

It's hugely important for students to learn about the amazing careers that are available in this industry and I think it's something that young people really need to made aware of.

Tim Rahman, Director of Learning for Enterprise and lead teacher for media and film at Westminster Academy

"Having companies like Into Film out there that are doing so much to raise the profile of all these exciting opportunities is amazing", said Tim Rahman, Director of Learning for Enterprise and lead teacher for media and film at Westminster Academy. "The way the world has changed with regards to technology - there's no excuse because they can just get out there, grab their phone and start filming, start editing and start creating. I think it's really important that as schools and educators, we keep on promoting this as much as we can and we really show young people what's available to them."

In addition, our easy-to-navigate new resource Who Makes a Film? - created with ScreenSkills - takes you on a journey through the different departments available in film, helping you learn about the different job roles available and how they link together. Download the free resource below!

The Aeronauts is released in the UK on Monday 4 November

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