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20 Sep 2022

6 mins
All About My Mother
All About My Mother

Since 2001, European Day of Languages (26 September) has been promoting linguistic diversity as a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and for celebrating the rich cultural heritage of our continent.

As always, film is uniquely suited to bringing young people closer to a variety of European languages, as well as cultures from across the world, in an authentic and accessible way. So, we've rounded up some of our favourite European language films available to teachers for free* on our streaming service, Into Film+.

The below list includes short and feature-length titles in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Welsh, and Scottish and Irish Gaelic. Most of the films are accompanied by additional material including film guides, resources and exclusive contributions from expert individuals and organisations. We've also included the age range that each film is most engaging to, so that you know exactly which ones will work best for you.


Ernest and Celestine (5-11)

Centred on the unlikely friendship between a big clown bear and a clever orphan mouse, this lovely film explores themes of friendship, belonging and tolerance.

You Sold My Roller Skates? (7-14)

Following a little boy who decides to track down his roller skates sold by his mum, this animation is full of lively, vibrant design influenced by comics and video games, with a message around changing tastes as we grow up.

Intermission (11+)

Following three boys who go to the cinema to catch the latest blockbuster film, Intermission is an uplifting short about growing up, relationships, and the power of cinema.

Amélie (14+)

This heartwarming and wonderfully whimsical film about a young woman who decides her mission in life is to spread happiness is certain to put a smile on your face.

Amélie and two other French titles (Tomboy and Girlhoodcan be explored further through our French Language Playlist, which has been assembled by expert members of our curation team. Into Film+ Playlists are a brand new feature on the service and are comprised of carefully curated scenes and short highlights from feature films that illuminate a particular theme and help stimulate classroom discussion around that topic.


Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang (7-14)

Based on a popular comic strip, this adventure film follows two unruly twins are sent to a strict summer school, and it is charming, inventive, and witty.

Crocodile (11-16)

Following a woman as she watches her favourite YouTube streamer and decides whether to contribute something to the chat, this film is a sweet and effective tale about the importance of reaching out to those who we love.

All About My Mother (14+)

This Best Foreign Language Film Oscar-winning tale follows a mother who relocates to Barcelona after her son's sudden death. Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar is known for his character-driven films featuring irreverent humour, strong-willed women and unconventional relationships, shot in bold, primary colours.


AlieNation (11-16)

In 2014, Laura Lehmus conducted interviews with German teenagers about their lives, touching upon puberty, growing up and relationships. The teenagers were then animated and made to look like strange alien creatures, highlighting the seemingly bizarre and unfamiliar nature of adolescence.

Land of Mine (14+)

Following a group of German POW tasked with diffusing thousands of mines in Denmark after WW2, this powerful drama about revenge and compassion offers an intelligent, fresh perspective on the war.


The Way He Looks (11+)

A Brazillian romance drama about a blind student whose relationship with his best friend is threatened by the arrival of a handsome new boy in school. This is a romantic, tender story of young love, which captures the awkwardness of adolescence with excruciating accuracy.


Turn It Around (11+)

In this empowering LGBTQ+ short about identity, self-acceptance, and young romance, a 15-year-old boy falls for another boy at a party - but no-one knows he is gay.

#tagged (14+)

Following 24 hours in the life of a teenager from the perspective of her smart phone, #tagged is an anti-bullying short film which contextualises, and empathises with, the pressures and pitfalls of modern technology.

Something About Alex (14+) - Part of the Iris Prize LGBTQ+ Shorts Collection

Short about a teenager going through puberty who attempts to reconcile with his gender identity.


An Afternoon (14+) - Part of the Peccadillo Pictures LGBTQ+ Shorts Collection

Today is the day! Mathias is in love with Frederik and now he's going to tell him just that… but when the moment of truth arrives is he brave enough to make the first move?


Dad (7-14)

In this short, a lonely Welsh boy discovers a refugee on his local beach, and in trying to help begins to heal the effects of war on his own family.

Tryweryn (11-16)

This animated short tells the story of a small village in North Wales which housed a close community of families across multiple generations, and is a powerful reminder of a significant moment in the story of Wales.

Leaf Boat (11-16)

This short animation about the excitement and fear of a new relationship celebrates LGBTQ+ love and relationships, and frames life as a brilliant journey to be embraced.

Patagonia (14-16)

Intriguing drama that introduces themes of identity, tradition, language and culture while probing what it means to be Welsh.

Scottish Gaelic

Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (5-11)

From Aardman Animations, this is stop-motion comedy classic follows an inventor and his dog's hilarious misadventure with a pair of robotic trousers and a devious penguin.

Irish Gaelic

Between Us (14+) - Part of the Iris Prize LGBTQ+ Shorts Collection

A teenager assigned male at birth starts to present as a woman in this Irish language drama.

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