Reporter Highlights from the 62nd BFI London Film Festival

23 Oct 2018

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Reporter Eleanor on the red carpet for Widows
Reporter Eleanor on the red carpet for Widows

For the 62nd London Film Festival, we sent our cohort of teen reporters out on a mission to see all the most exciting new films before quizzing the stars about their latest projects. From major blockbusters to independent documentaries; surreal satires to revealing biopics, our reporters saw as much of the programme as they could before hitting the red carpet to discover all the behind-the-scenes stories.

Below you can find all of their fantastic coverage, and each reporter names a few of their highlights from being right in the midst of the UK's landmark film festival.

Eleanor, 18

Covered Widows and The Favourite

I truly loved being a part of the London Film Festival! The highlight of the festival for me was watching Steve McQueen's Widows. You could honestly feel everyone in the packed room hold their breath at the same time and slowly sink further and further into McQueen's thrilling depiction of the underworld.

Amina, 17

Covered The Hate U Give and interviewed LFF Artistic Director Tricia Tuttle

My highlight of the festival would definitely have to be seeing The Hate U Give. It brought me to tears! Then doing the red carpet coverage and interviewing Amandla Stenberg was an absolute delight, the conversation that occurred flowed and I felt really comfortable. I also really enjoyed interviewing Tricia Tuttle, the artistic director of LFF. She was really interesting and was a walking encyclopedia when it came to the programme!

Reporter Alexa with Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet
Reporter Alexa with Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet

Alexa, 17

Covered WildlifeBeautiful BoyA Private War and I Used to Be Normal

My personal highlight of the festival came out of prepping our questions. It was really interesting thinking about how to ask unique and thought-provoking questions to the people we interviewed. But the most rewarding part had to be hearing the people we interviewed compliment the questions asked - it made the time we spent worthwhile knowing that we had done something different and interesting!

Aarony, 16

Covered Benjamin and attended BFI Future Film Day and The Hate U Give

I would say a highlight of mine was seeing The Hate U Give! I wasn't expecting the film to be as amazing as it was, and I feel like it's one of those films that cover more than just one topic, like gun violence, police brutality, gangs, drug dealing and racism. Another highlight was being apart of the "Soul Session" for The Hate U Give. It was interesting hearing the director and the authors process behind the film and the book, and it made me appreciate the film much more when watching it.

Young reporter and Boots Riley
Reporter Cai and director of 'Sorry to Bother You' Boots Riley

Cai, 17

Covered Sorry to Bother You, LFF Connects with Boots Riley, and United Skates

The best part of the festival for me was meeting and interviewing Boots Riley, because I thought Sorry To Bother You was really good! It's one of my favourite films of the year, so asking him questions about the movie and getting a deep insight into some of the decisions was really great!

Ben, 16

Covered Stan and Ollie

The red carpet was an intense experience, and my moment to shine was when three journalists and I were competing to ask Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly a question. I had the confidence to fend off the other reporters, and made sure to get my question in!

Wanuri Kahiu and reporter Ava - Rafiki interview
Reporter Ava with director of 'Rafiki' Wanuri Kahiu

Ava, 17

Covered RafikiThe Kindergarten Teacher, and Future Film Critic's Choice

My first experience of the London Film Festival was incredible! Meeting director Wanuri Kahiu of Rafiki was definitely the highlight of my experience. Her bravery and genuineness was inspirational and made me realise the impact that the art of film can have both on personal and universal scales.

Dani, 17

Covered Wild Rose and Future Film Screen Salon in conversation with director Tom Harper

Personally, my highlight from the LFF was talking to Jessie Buckley on the red carpet for Wild Rose. As an actress I have great admiration for, it was incredible to meet her and learn about her thoughts on the film!

Ada, 17

Covered Been So Long and The Fight

I had an incredible time meeting Michaela Coel and Tinge Krishnan from Been So Long! I've watched Michaela's series Chewing Gum and I loved it so it was so lovely meeting her in person! They both were so nice and they even congratulated and wished me luck since I'm making my own short film very soon. They really did lift my spirits about the short film!

Michaela Coel, Tinge Krishnan
Reporter Ada with Michaela Coel and director of 'Been So Long' Tinge Krishnan

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